Technical Experience

Software Engineer

August 2019 — Present
ShareNow GmbH 📍 Berlin, Germany

  • Enable customers to register and charge creditcard through Stripe payment service provider

  • Migrate from a synchronous Kafka legacy messaging architecture to a RabbitMq messaging stream

Software Engineer

December '18 — June 2019
Curated Shopping Group GmbH 📍 Berlin, Germany

  • Enables sharing of customers’ information across the company’s different brands through our Dockerised Elixir app (Maru API framework).

  • Improves communication with our B2B partners by overhauling the retail purchasing process including creating a new Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) endpoint to our Ruby on Rails apps.

  • Improves page loading times by identifying inefficient SQL queries and making them performant on the application and database level.

  • Makes customer facing UI rich and responsive by writing promising components with Javascript libraries React and Saga; tested with Jest and Enzyme.

  • Implements Technical Debt Framework to iteratively improve test coverage and retire legacy libraries with confidence.

  • Mentors a junior developer through feedback sessions, code reviews, and encouragement.

Backend Software Engineer

February 2017 — August 2018
DaWanda GmbH 📍 Berlin, Germany

  • Improved knowledge sharing by proof-reading and encouraging employees to write for the company tech blog.

  • Raised employee motivation by facilitating budget for travel and attendance at tech conferences including Euruko, Droid Conf, Flink Forward.

  • Reduced technical debt, security vulnerabilities, and developer frustration by migrating large Ruby on Rails 2.3 application to Ruby on Rails 3, then Ruby on Rails 4 application.

  • Helped marketing team better understand user behavior by expanding server-side and client-side tracking with GoogleAnalytics and Snowplow.

  • Improved customer experience by adding support for multiple languages within different regions in our Solr recommendation engine.

FullStack Developer

August — October 2016
Bitspire GmbH 📍 Berlin, Germany

  • Added Alchemy-Devise authentication to the AlchemyCMS based Ruby on Rails 4 backend.

  • Created mobile responsive frontend application from PSD (photoshop) files with Foundation 6 Javascript APIs and Sass for Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen AöR (ZDF).

  • Increased knowledge sharing by training two designers jQuery, creating ActiveRecord queries, and reflogging (recovering) lost git commits.

  • Improved clarity and productivity by standardising team’s database setup with custom written migration scripts for fixing mismatched schemas (without database drop) across different developers’ machines.

  • Increased trust with open source community by responding to questions/feature requests made in our open source repositories.

Data Fellow

September — November 2014
DemocracyWorks/TurboVote 📍 New York City, US

  • Provided data used in the Google Information Civic API used by Facebook and other entities to make voting easier by assembling unprocessed voter location and time zone data for all US municipalities.

  • Improved accuracy and increased productivity by writing scripts that automated Address Completion and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of unstructured PDF documents.


Software Engineering Immersive

April — September 2014
Flatiron School 📍 New York City, US

  • Completed four modules consisting of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby and Web Framework.

  • Pushed and pulled all code submissions using git workflow.

  • Created a New York Subway text notification application and revised website of non-profit Code2040.

  • Published a blog bi-weekly to document my learning progress over five months.

Advanced Data Bootcamp

July 2013
New Organizing Institute 📍 Washington DC, US

  • Exposure to advanced features of Excel macros, VAN software and SQL

  • Fully funded spot in the program

Technologies & Programming Languages

Production Experience

  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript, React
  • Elixir, Maru
  • Selenium, Rspec, Jest
  • Git(Hub|Lab), BitBucket
  • Docker, Jenkins, TravisCI, Codeship
  • LaTeX
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Mongo, Redis
  • Kanban, Scrum, Agile methodologies

Currently Exploring

  • Angular, D3, Three, A-Frame
  • Neo4j
  • IPFS
  • Ethereum
  • Kafka Pub/Sub pattern


Tech Community

  • 👨‍💻 Active member of Ruby User Group Berlin (Rug::B).

  • 👨‍🏫 Mentor at Ruby Monstas and Codebar.

  • Core organizer of Code Curious (formerly Rails Girls Berlin)

  • ✈️ Enthusiastic traveller to tech conferences – Read about my trip to Euruko in Budapest!

Personal Interests

  • ⛰️ Bouldering

  • 🗺 Collecting beautiful maps

  • 🗣 Speaker at conference panel about #Occupy’s use of Twitter at University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • Σ Publishing math articles